Bristol James | Cypress, TX

I am so in love with this little girl, and she's not even mine!  I was so excited when her momma contacted me about going through the journey of pregnancy with her! I was privileged to shoot her Maternity & Hospital photos, so by the time her newborn session came, it was like hanging out with a long time friend! I also think that it has been amazing to experience pregnancy alongside some of my mommas this year! 


When it comes to newborns, they can be so fickle. Y'all, this little girl was probably my perfect little model! 5 days new, and she was absolutely the most squishy, perfect, smiley, content little one I probably have ever dealt with. Sweet Bristol James is so loved! 


Adams Family | The Woodlands, TX

There are some families you fall in love with. This family I have had the privilege of falling in love with for a few years now! I was so excited we were able to squeeze in family pictures while EVERYONE was in town. Gotta love an Oji and GiGi that love their family as well as this one. This family is so full of talent & beautiful from the inside out! 


Golden Gram

This little guy makes my heart smile. Sometimes when you want to test the lighting in a new space you need a cute little guy to model. Thankfully my friend Heather over at Love is Waiting has one cute little buckaroo! Ezra Golden is about 7 months old and is into everything. So everything goes in his mouth and his momma can't turn her back on him for any moment! I call him "flirt", because Mr. Cassanova and I make flirty eyes every time we're together. 



I met this lovely couple a few months back. My husband was practicing some Phil Wickham in the apartment when he had a knock at the door. Of course he assumed it was someone complaining about the loudness, but nope it was a neighbor who recognized the tune and wanted to meet. Since then our neighbors have been sweet friends and introduced to Ryan and Calynn. When we met them they were dating and on the cusp of engagement! Such an exciting story and sweet ending that resulted in a switch from a May 2014 wedding to a December 28, 2013 wedding! When they were explaining their wedding to me I fell in love with them! Check out their awesome wedding website! 

Normally I don't shoot weddings, but this was a special occasion! And I think Calynn Kutter Perkins is the most darling person I have ever met! Here are some of my favorites from the day! Thank you Jaime Kutter, also sister-in-law to the bride, for helping me shoot my first wedding! Seriously, I am so thankful that we got to work together! I definitely fell in love with the Kutter/Perkins Family that Saturday! 

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