An Adoption Story : Hicks Family


This post has been a long time coming. The moment I got the text “we are getting a son in the next few hours” all the way through that first week of rounding up clothes and supplies, my heart was filled with great joy. My sweet friend had been training and doing all the things to be certified for foster to adopt. We knew it would happen when we least expected it. So when this chubby faced, dark eyed little man came I immediately invited myself over to do family photos. I knew the first weekend would be the smallest he would be with them before he grew and flourished in his new home. Baby J, as we called him, was just the cutest and snuggliest little guy.


I was so excited to get to know this little guy. His personality is so sweet and he just fit right into their crew. As soon as we got the date set for adoption, I told Kate that I would keep it open to take pictures. At first, she wasn’t sure she wanted to have a crowd or need photos taken. But, I still kept the date open and had childcare lined up. So when she inevitably changed her mind I was so excited to be able to share and capture this moment for their family. What an amazing village the Hicks had created. We filled up half the courtroom. Here are the photos from that day!


Small Shop Love \\ Willow Crowns - Houston


I have known Willow Crowns since my oldest was a baby modeling for a few local brands. I can’t love this lady anymore than I already do! We’ve been busy with shoots these days and planning for this year’s bow launches. When she told me about this next collection I DIED. It was all the softness of feminine bows, but the confetti in the tulle just melted my heart.


What started as a gray morning, quickly brightened up to a sun drenched indoor session. I am so grateful for the folks over at Sweet Paris Crepes in City Center for use of their location. I could go on and on about how well made these bows are, but I think my favorite part is that Megan hires mommas all over Texas to produce these! This collection alone took over 90 hours for her team to make them ready to ship! If you haven’t bought a bow from Willow Crowns, you should know their shipping is almost SAME DAY. Sometimes they’re faster than amazon on launch days!


Could you just eat these girls up!? It’s been so amazing to watch Willow Crowns business grow to where they’re at today! Her bows are launched with ready to ship quantities, which sadly means these bows sell out fast! Don’t fret!! She always has her classics in stock and is announcing some amazing new collections. (hint hint… one coming up has unicorns and minnie mouse inspired bows! )